About the Designer

Beatriz Queiroz, has a visual admiration for the world and the forms the nature can be, lover of style and beauty, Beatriz combines her greatest passions to create a contemporary collection of highly detailed handmade precious stones jewellery. 

Fashion was part of her life at a very young age, Bia as she's known by her friends, was born in Brazil, with warrior spirit, confident and fiercely creative designer, she is in constante search for the new and the different.

BSanQ jewellery arose as a way of making women feel closer to their real selves, with contemporary design, elegance, her pieces attract attention for its detail and for the love it’s made with.

“Jewellery making is a way of materialising stories and transforming most beautiful and hidden of our feelings into wonderful pieces.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Beatriz Queiroz.