Jewellery care

To help keep your jewellery looking beautiful, BSanQ, recommends removing jewellery when you shower or bath and particularly when on the beach, in the sea and in chlorinated water. Avoid spraying perfume or applying creams directly onto your jewellery.

Sterling Silver: sterling silver is a precious metal, and may require cleaning from time to time, however, sterling silver needs less care. BSanQ encourages you to use or wear your silver every day.

On a soft cloth using a small amount of silver polish, gently rub the silver several times, rinse thoroughly in warm water and carefully dry. Do not use tissue paper.

Gold Vermeil: gold vermeil is sterling silver that has been covered of gold.

Using a soft, lint free cloth is an effective way to keep your gold vermeil jewelry looking shiny and lustrous.

Gemstone: gemstone are quite delicate. BSanQ advise cleaning your precious stones with a clean, soft, damp cloth after wearing. Some stones (turquoise) should be cleaned using an untreated, dry, soft cloth only.

Take care to protect the stones from impact against hard surfaces and avoid contact with abrasive surfaces.

Do not use tissue paper or paper towels to clean yours sterling silver, gold vermeil or gemstones as they can cause scratching. To protect your jewelry, pieces should be individually placed in a pouch or box to stop them being scratched or tangled.